Using Cyber Continuity Jesse Feiler Tue, 05/23/2017 - 09:50

The color codes aren’t very complicated — green is good and red is bad. The middle colors are a mixture that are more red or green as your score dictates.

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Select a Cyber Continuity challenge and rate yourself. Use the popoer in the upper right to learn more about that challenge.


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Cyber Continuity from the App Store Jesse Feiler Sun, 05/07/2017 - 00:15

Cyber Security, Contingency Planning, Context Maintenance —  they’re all part of Cyber Continuity. When you want to use your computer or device to do something and you can't do it, it doesn't really matter if it's cyber crime, a power failure, or you just plain forgot how to use it. You just want to get your project — be it work or play — back on track.

Cyber Continuity app lets you walk though major challenges so that you understand them, rate your status on the challenges on a slider, and make notes to yourself to make things better.

Cyber Continuity Jesse Feiler Mon, 05/01/2017 - 19:12


Getting Started with an App: Choices

Some basic choices to make when you start thinking about an app. This is not an exhaustive list -- new things are happening every day.

  • Life Cycle Maintenance & Support
    • One-time
    • Ongoing
    • Repeating/Scheduled
    • Repeating/As Needed
  • Code & Frameworks
    • Native
    • Web App
    • Composite/Hybrid
  • Content
    • Media
    • Utilities
    • Games
    • News
    • Productivity
    • Lifestyle
  • Features
    • Location
    • Notifications
    • Continuity
    • Responsiveness & Adaptivity
    • Stability
    • Consistency
    • Predictability
  • Context
    • Embedded Data
    • Product Context
    • Operational Context
    • Scalable Data
  • Business Model
    • Sale/Paid
    • Sale/Free
    • Freemium
    • In-app Purchases
    • Subscriptions (SAAS)