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Requirements: iOS 10, 9. iCloud and iCloud Drive are helpful but not necessary. iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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Deleting NP Risk files

Deleting Files from iCloud

The simplest way is to log into iCloud on the web from your Mac or Windows device. Navigate to the NP Risk folder in iCloud. Select the file(s) you want to delete and then tap the Trash icon. You'll be asked if you want to remove the files from all of your devices. If you do, click OK and go ahead.

If you want to watch the process, turn on Airplane mode for your devices except your Mac or PC. Delete the files with your web browser as described. Log out from iCloud on the web, and turn off Airplane mode on your devices (one by one if you want to check). You'll see the files disappear.

Files created locally on your device when iCloud was turned off are not affected and you can still use them on that device (but not on other devices connected to iCloud).

Deleting Files from a Device (not in iCloud)

Delete the app from your device. On the Home screen, tap and hold on the app icon. The icons will all start to jiggle. You'll see an X in the top left of each icon. Tap it to remove the app and all its files from your device. When you're done, tap Home to stop the jiggling.

When you redownload the app from the App Store or iTunes, it will have the default data and, if iCloud is turned on, your iCloud files for that app.

This works the same way for all apps and their local files.

I can't delete a risk from the risk list


deleting risks.png

When I tap Edit in the Risk List, some of the risks are not editable and I can't delete them. What's going on?

When a risk has mitigation actions attached to it, you must remove them before you remove the risk.


Gail Nayowith

GBN small.jpgGail Nayowith is the Principal of 1digit LLC a project management and consulting practice formed in 2015 to work with nonprofits, government and philanthropy to solve complex problems and build solutions that increase performance, impact and reach. 1digit is certified as a New York City and New York State MWBE.

Gail has a track record of accomplishment in leading vital organizations operating in dynamic urban environments and in securing policy wins for children and families. She is a trusted advisor, strategist, design and implementation partner with government, policymakers and human service sector leaders. Her 1digit portfolio includes nonprofit, government and philanthropic organizations from start-up and legacy operations to turnaround and whole system redesign situations.

Gail started her career in New York City government and has led three nonprofit organizations: Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund and SCO Family of Services. She also serves on the boards of the Kenworthy-Swift Foundation and Cities of Service, is a member of the New York City Board of Health and chairs the NYCDOHMH Community Services Board. Gail also co-chairs the New York State Children’s Medicaid Redesign Team that is tasked with developing and rolling out an integrated health and behavioral health care system for children with serious emotional disturbance and substance use needs, medically fragile children and children in foster care. Nayowith publishes occasionally and speaks publicly on matters of child and family policy, human service financing, child well-being, children’s mental health, family homelessness, child care and nonprofit management, analytics, performance and risk. 


NP Risk

180.pngNP Risk - The Nonprofit Risk App helps you build nonprofit enterprise risk management (ERM) plans. It was developed by non profit leaders with non profit leaders in mind. NP Risk guides you through a process of finding and managing risk in their organizations. It is designed to make risk assessment and enterprise risk management easier for busy nonprofit executives. The app allows users to create a tailored risk management plan and implementation tracker fashioned expressly for nonprofit organizations.

Using functionality designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, NP Risk guides you through a risk analysis and the development of an enterprise risk management plan that goes beyond financial and programmatic risk and into all areas of non profit operations. NP Risk will help you identify risks, create mitigation strategies and build a risk management framework for continuous risk monitoring and mitigation and for reducing exposure to risks.

You can use NP Risk to create a customized ERM plan that will allow you and your team to:
    1.    Identify risks and assess each risk for location and potential causes. It helps you create RISK LISTs by program or department.
    2.    Establish subjective estimates of risk likelihood, the damage risk can do, and determine how vulnerable your organization is to risk in key areas of operations and programming. It turns your Risk List into a RISK REGISTER that prioritizes risks to be mitigated and captures essential risk details.
    3.    Develop MITIGATION ACTIONs to manage or eliminate priority risks and link mitigation actions to owners and deadlines.
    4.    Create a MITIGATION LOG to implement mitigation actions and help you track completion and cure the issues you have identified.

Use NP Risk to improve performance, limit costly crises, reduce worry and preserve resources for mission-critical activities.