180.pngNP Risk - The Nonprofit Risk App helps you build nonprofit enterprise risk management (ERM) plans. It was developed by non profit leaders with non profit leaders in mind. NP Risk guides you through a process of finding and managing risk in their organizations. It is designed to make risk assessment and enterprise risk management easier for busy nonprofit executives. The app allows users to create a tailored risk management plan and implementation tracker fashioned expressly for nonprofit organizations.

Using functionality designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, NP Risk guides you through a risk analysis and the development of an enterprise risk management plan that goes beyond financial and programmatic risk and into all areas of non profit operations. NP Risk will help you identify risks, create mitigation strategies and build a risk management framework for continuous risk monitoring and mitigation and for reducing exposure to risks.

You can use NP Risk to create a customized ERM plan that will allow you and your team to:
    1.    Identify risks and assess each risk for location and potential causes. It helps you create RISK LISTs by program or department.
    2.    Establish subjective estimates of risk likelihood, the damage risk can do, and determine how vulnerable your organization is to risk in key areas of operations and programming. It turns your Risk List into a RISK REGISTER that prioritizes risks to be mitigated and captures essential risk details.
    3.    Develop MITIGATION ACTIONs to manage or eliminate priority risks and link mitigation actions to owners and deadlines.
    4.    Create a MITIGATION LOG to implement mitigation actions and help you track completion and cure the issues you have identified.

Use NP Risk to improve performance, limit costly crises, reduce worry and preserve resources for mission-critical activities.