Trails & Places: The App

Trails & Places: The App
Trails & Places: The Guide to the App

Available now in the App Store!!! The app is free; the PRO add-on lets you edit and create Trials — PRO costs $14.99.

Trails & Places is your companion as you explore trails. It comes with Saranac River Trail built as a demonstration.

Switch between lists and maps of places to visit along a Trail. With an Internet connection and your approval to use Location Services, see where you are, where you want to go (and why you might want to go there) and how to get there by foot or car.

Saranac River Trail is a great example of an urban multi-modal trail. You‘ll see people walking, biking, running, boarding, blading and sitting along the Trail. Keep your eyes open to see wildlife, nature, and the vibrant City that built and supports the Trail. 

Trails and Places not only is your guide, but it highlights attractions you may not notice at first glance. Important historic sites (the Battle of Plattsburgh), one of the largest freshwater beaches in the US, the world-renowned fishing for bass and landlocked salmon, and exciting new attractions such as the repurposing of the Plattsburgh Oval to modern uses and the up-and-coming Cultural Cluster are waiting for you to visit.