Utility Smart is a collaboration between Curt Gervich and Jesse Feiler. Logo design from Boire Benner Group (boirebenner.com). The project was created and implemented in Plattsburgh, NY. 

Curt Gervich is an Associate Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. He holds degrees in Natural Resource Planning from the University of Vermont and Environmental Design and Planning from Virginia Tech. Dr. Gervich studies and teaches courses related to environmental decision making and leadership, including topics such as conservation behavior change and systems thinking.

This project represents represents the marriage of these two topics. Dr. Gervich also serves on the LCBP TAC Committee. Reach him at cgerv001@plattsburgh.edu

Jesse Feiler helps people and organizations get to know and use new technologies. . Recent books include “iPad For Seniors for Dummies" (9th edition) and “Learn Apple HomeKit for iOS.”

Current projects involve using apps and FileMaker databases for identifying and managing risk in nonprofit organizations as well as helping communities build location-based apps to promote tourism, downtown economic development, and the wise use of natural resources.

He is founder and president of Friends of Saranac River Trail (saranacrivertrail.org) whose flagship events include the annual Talks, Treks & Tasks which include treks to the Plattsburgh Water Pollution Control Plant. Reach him at jfeiler@champlainarts.com.