Joe and Jesse venture into the wilds of the latest tech adventure in the frigid North Country (and the almost-as-frigid Pacific Northwest) to talk about Blockchains and Cryptocurrency.

We'll talk about three critical issues:
1. People are using our cheap power to “mine” bitcoins.
2. Some people (same or others) are using our power to run their computers that mine bitcoins for others (they ship them here)
3. Also, people are interested in using the blockchain technology (used by 1 and 2) to manage large data sets. The blockchains are attractive because they can keep data secure in several ways including protecting agains accidental or deliberate changes to the data.

What is the relationship between cryptocurrency and blockchains? They're different, and we'll talk about the differences and the relationships. A lot of the media attention is on the money side of things (that is, cryptocurrency), But blockchains are the more intriguing aspect to many people. Lots of people tune out when they find out that blockchains are part of the world of databases. This article compares blockchains to relational databases.

And why are companies like Apple and Microsoft in the picture (read The Motley Fool's take here.)