places-pro-152.pngThe Saranac River Trail app started it all. (You can download the original  version on the App Store at

Like many other trail, tour, and visiting apps, it was built in code from the ground up. In sharing experiences with other trail users, developers, and promoters, we found several common threads of difficulty:

  • Getting the data is really difficult. Whether it's a matter of dealing with volunteer community groups or small businesses(and even large ones) everyone has other priorities.
  • Coding the data is time-consuming and difficult. When the data has to be coded in a programming language it's even more difficult (coding it in English that has been spell-checked and proofread is hard enough).

We embarked on a new project that addresses these issues. Scheduled for public beta testing in Summer 2016, the new project is called Trails & Places: it give you the tools to create Places (just that -- a geographic location with a name, some text, and some images). You can combine Places into Trails (a collection of Places). You do this with Places Pro.

Once you've created your Trail and its Places in Places Pro, you can save the Trail in a document. This document provides all of the code that we used in Saranac River Trail app (and then some). You can follow the Trail from Place to Place. A map shows you where you are and how to get around. You can read the descriptive information, and share your comments and impressions with others using email and social media.

To join the beta test, send an email to