Self-Publishing Today

Jesse joins Joe Donahue to talk about the self-publishing world today. Authors are taking publishing into their own hands using the self-publishing tools we now have. And (surprise, surprise!) this is what authors have been doing for a long, long time but the technology is changing.

Here's a list of Uta Hagen's publications (Uta was a good friend of Jesse's and he worked with her on several of these projects). Some have been published by mainstream publishers such as Wiley, others were published by smaller presses, and now with the modern publishing tools Champlain Arts (a/k/a Jesse) brings some of them back into print. We'll talk about some of the adventures along the way.

How do authors and readers find what they want to read when here are so many potential sources of stories and information (including audio books)? We'll talk about some of the opportunities and challenges.

The major players:

CreateSpace (part of Amazon/Kindle  Direct Publishing)

Lightning Source (part of Ingram Content)

Lots of comparisons on the web (but check comparison author affiliations!)