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How vulnerable are you to CyberContinuity disruptions? Whether it's hackers from somewhere in the world, thieves from around the corner, or the consequences of unplanned power or communications outages, your cyber environment is remarkably fragile.

You should know what your weaknesses are and take pro-active measures to ensure the safety of your cyber environment. 

CyberContinuity is a free iOS app that walks you through a self-analysis of your vulnerabilities. Your scores are automatically stored, and you can come back tomorrow, next month, or even next year to see if you've improved. We recommend starting by taking the survey in CyberContinuity and reading the helpful texts that accompany it. You can set a timer to remind you to return to any of the questions that your think you may be vulnerable to.

The only thing worse than suffering a cyber disruption is not preparing for it. CyberContinuity is a simple way to look for weaknesses in your cyber environment. It's no substitute for a thorough security analysis by a team of professionals, but it's much better than being surprised by a weakness that you could have addressed easily before trouble happened.