Trails and Places Privacy Policy including Saranac River Trail & Better Choice

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, and we spend serious time in our implementations to make certain that we protect it. We do not collect information from you when you use Trails and Places with the exception of location data that is used to provide directions that you request. Once the directions are displayed, you can share them with other people or save them as a document, but those are your choices to make. Trails and Places is what is known in the tech world as “read-only.”

Because we do not save your data, most screens have a Share button (the box with an up-pointing arrow). Use it to share the current data (directions or descriptions) using a printer, Mail, Messages, or other apps (your sharing choices depend on what is installed on your device). The shared data is minimized so that it doesn’t take up too much space which means that you might want to get in the habit of sharing data for your own use later on because we are not saving it for you.