Champlain Arts Corp — App Strategies & Development


Apps from Champlain Arts provide tools to help people create and manage 

  • parliamentary procedure
  • nonprofit risk
  • trails to explore cities, nature, and history
  • logs, diaries, and tracking of events and behaviors

Find out more about our apps here, and if you want your own app for your project, business, or organization, contact us using Quick Contact at the bottom of this page.

App Testing

Champlain Arts provides public beta testing for most of our apps including new versions and previews of new apps. Testing is conducted using Apple’s TestFlight which lets you install beta versions on your iOS device.

TestFlight-approved apps go through an Apple review (less extensive than for App Store-approved apps) so you know that basic functionality has been reviewed. If you’re a developer (or want to be a developer) this is a great way to be part of a development process to learn how it’s done.


Jesse Feiler has taught and written extensively on development with new technologies. His books cover iOS app development and technologies.

He also provides on-site training as well as personalized coaching for developers with particular emphasis on those who are new to the field (often making a transition from other career paths and other technologies).

Feiler photo

App Management

Managing app development and maintenance is different from developing and managing older forms of software. Jesse started developing and managing mainframe software for clients such as Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Young & Rubicam, and The Johnson Company.

He made the transition from mainframes to personal computers and, with the advent of iPhone and iPad, to the iOS devices. He helps people transition from other forms of project management to development and management of mobile devices. 

He also helps people understand how it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop an app that is sold for one dollar — or even given away. With that understanding, you can see where you and your organization fit in this exciting world.


What are the jobs?

With a great deal of to-do, Amazon looked for a new headquarters to add to its home base in Seattle. They wound up selecting northern Virginia and Long Island City, but soon after the selection of Long Island City, Amazon decided not to pursue it. Much was made of the loss of potentially 25-40,000 jobs.

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