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Apps from Champlain Arts provide tools to help people create and manage 

  • parliamentary procedure
  • nonprofit risk
  • trails to explore cities, nature, and history
  • logs, diaries, and tracking of events and behaviors

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Jesse Feiler has taught and written extensively on development with new technologies. His books cover iOS app development and technologies.

He also provides on-site training as well as personalized coaching for developers with particular emphasis on those who are new to the field (often making a transition from other career paths and other technologies).

Feiler photoAfter years of teaching in various environments, it is clear that the challenges in teaching and learning to build apps include lots of organizational issues. Jesse is planning to start a new course experiment in early 2020. The class will be a build-your-own course with a one-hour planning session to kick off the course so that the course will cover what you want to focus on. As long as we're customizing the course, well go one step further: it will not only be a build-your-own course, but a build-your-own class. Bring friends or co-workers to your customized course.

One of the challenges that Jesse and many others have had to face is that books about iOS and app development are almost all out of date. Many authors (including Jesse) have tried to get revisions published in a timely basis, but the collision between publishing and software development doesn't seem to allow keeping books current. This new course structure will help to make the training more timely.

The training will be live using Adobe Connect (that means you can ask questions—it's not just a canned course).

As we plan this new teaching pattern, feel free to ask questions to help us make the course as useful as possible. Contact Jesse at



CCPA, GDPR: Privacy Updates that are on the way

California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect January 1, 2020,  and the General Data Proterection Regulation in the EU is already in effect.

Joe and Jesse will talk about some of the issues including the good/bad/terrific/evil (take your pick) idea of having a nation-wide privacy act in the US. The Roundtable: Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 11:30 AM on WAMC.

Self-Publishing Today

Jesse joins Joe Donahue to talk about the self-publishing world today. Authors are taking publishing into their own hands using the self-publishing tools we now have. And (surprise, surprise!) this is what authors have been doing for a long, long time but the technology is changing.

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